• Ben Churchill

The Raw Chicken Breast Dessert

The two desserts that started me on a path of making disgusting looking desserts were the edible dish sponge and the ashtray pannacotta. When I posted these online the reactions were incredible. Some people loved them. A lot of people hated them (someone even threatened to sue me!) but either way I got people thinking, feeling. Since then, I’ve tried to think of new ways to push the boundaries of good taste. I tried to stay away from the obvious, like poo (although I did go there) and get deeper into what revolts us.


One thing that has always caused discomfort for me is raw chicken. I can’t stand handling it as it always feels so slimy. It’s drilled into us that raw chicken WILL give us salmonella, so I thought I would play on this. Enter the raw chicken dessert.

It’s such an easy recipe but will require you to make a mould, either out of silicone putty or a mayku formbox. To make my mould, first I create a chicken breast shape with some silicone plastique (click the link to see where to buy it). Once set I then mould around this to give my chicken mould. You can either mould around it with more silicone plastique or vacuum form using something like the formbox. When buying silicone putty just make sure it is food safe.

Depending on the size of your moulds, this should make 2 servings.


120g milk

30g strawberries, pureed (sieved so no seeds remain)

20g caster sugar

1 sheet of gelatine


First soak your gelatine in cold water to soften. Next heat the milk, sugar and strawberry puree till hot but do not boil. Drain the gelatine and squeeze out any excess water, then whisk into the hot milk mix. Pass through a sieve and into a jug to remove any remaining seeds that may have got through the first time.

Pour this carefully into your moulds and set in the fridge for a couple of hours until set. Next put in the freezer till frozen solid. This two-stage setting process will mean you get a smooth texture once defrosted, plus makes it easier to remove from the mould.

Once frozen, unmould and plate. Leave to defrost completely before serving.

My favourite way to present this is in those plastic trays that you get meat in from the butchers. Nicely ask you butcher for a few new ones (to make sure they’re clean and uncontaminated). Plate your frozen dessert in one, cover in cling film and leave to defrost. If you’re feeling arty you can make a label for your dessert to complete the illusion.


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