• Ben Churchill

Marzipan Beans

This recipe is a bit of a cheat in that I’m using shop bought marzipan. If you want to make your own that’s great, I did so in my first book, but I find that as it’s such a labour intensive technique, you might want to just cheat a little. You can use this for my beans on toast dessert or put on any dessert to freak people out (it works quite well served with a slice of cake).

Makes enough for 6 servings


250g marzipan

25g orange juice

300g golden syrup

30g double cream

Orange food colouring gel


We’ll start by making the beans. Get comfortable, because this bit takes ages. Take your marzipan and pick off a baked bean sized piece. Roll on your palm to give it the shape of a bean. Now repeat for the rest of the marzipan (this is why I told you to get comfy). Lay flat on a sheet of parchment.

Next make your bean sauce. Whisk together the golden syrup, orange juice and double cream until mixed. Add a couple of drops of food colouring to get a good orange colour. Put this and the beans in the fridge separately until needed.

When ready to serve, allow the bean sauce to come up to room temperature and carefully mix in the beans. Serve as desired.


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