• Ben Churchill

Cinnamon Tuille

This is an idea I’ve had in my mind for a good couple of

years. It’s such a simple yet effective concept for a garnish,

but I’d never been able to get the recipe quite right.

To make your mimetic cinnamon tuille you’ll need some acetate

sheets, ideally with a thickness of 500 microns and no less. I

use a sheet of forming plastic for my Mayku formbox, but

acetate works really well. This will be to make the stencil,

giving you a perfect shape and size to mimic a cinnamon stick.

This recipe makes 4 tuilles.


30g caster sugar

25g water

15g plain flour

0.5 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, plus extra for dusting

10g vegetable oil


Heat your fan oven to 170 degrees c. Whisk all the ingredients

together, except the extra dusting cinnamon, to a perfectly smooth

batter. Put to one side.

Next to make the stencil. Cut a rectangle out of your acetate

sheet measuring 14cm by 9.5cm. throw away the inside part and

keep the large part. This is your stencil.

Take a non-stick, flat cookie tray and place your stencil on

it. Take 18g of tuille batter and spread thinly yet evenly

over your stencil. Try to use the whole 18g, but having an

even coating is the key point here.

Carefully lift off the stencil and place the tray in the oven for exactly 4 minutes. Timing is key here. When the time is up, remove from the oven and quickly roll up your tuille tightly while hot, lengthways, to resemble a cinnamon stick. Straight away press on one side with a palette knife to give it a dimple running down one side.

Finally, brush with cinnamon and dust off any excess to give it that authentic look.

It’s important to use a good non-stick sheet tray for this recipe. It’s also impossible to do more than one at a time as by the time you’ve rolled one up the next will have cooled down too much, so take your time.


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