• Ben Churchill

Chocolate Tartufo

Everyone loves a chocolate truffle. That luxurious hit of chocolate ganache, coated in messy cocoa powder feels so decadent. Combining it with coconut takes the edge off the richness and gives it a fresh note. I love to either serve this as a standalone truffle or sliced onto egg custard pasta. The idea for the style is to make it look exactly like a tartufo, the prized subterranean funghi that shares its name. To give a convincing black look I use black cocoa powder. Black cocoa is basically regular cocoa powder that’s been treated to reduce its acidity. You’ll need to order off the internet as it’s not readily available in the shops, but I highly recommend getting some for its robust flavour and cool black colour.


60g desiccated coconut

115g double cream

230g dark chocolate

Black cocoa powder, to dust


Start off by bringing the double cream to the boil. Take off the heat and whisk in the dark chocolate until smooth. Next fold in the desiccated coconut till nicely mixed through. Transfer to a tub and put in the fridge to set.

Once set, remove from the fridge and, using a spoon, scoop up a large lump of the truffle mix. Roughly shape with your hands to the same shape as a tartufo (you’ll have to use the internet for this one) then return to the fridge to harden. Don’t be too precious with the shaping, you’ve got to remember how random nature is!

Once hardened, take a fine mesh metal sieve and press each side of your truffles onto it, to create a knobbly texture. Put back in the fridge once more.

Finally, put your black cocoa powder into a bowl and roll your truffles in the powder. Transfer to a sieve and shake off the excess, and you’re good to go.


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