Basic Bavarois

Updated: 3 hours ago

Bavarois can be best described as a sort of custard that incorporates whipped cream and is set with gelatine. It’s such a versatile component of pastry and I personally use it for a variety of desserts. It can be set in a silicone mould or used as a layer in an entremet. When frozen in a mould, it can then be mirror glazed, allowing you to create beautiful mimetic fruit like my cold apple crumble.


110g double cream

250g milk

50g caster sugar

2 eggs, separated

10g sheet gelatine

Dash of vanilla extract


Start off by soaking your gelatine by placing it in a bowl or tupperware and covering completely in cold water. It takes roughly 5 minutes to turn soft and ready to use. Next whisk the yolks and sugar together at high speed for around 3 minutes (the mixture should turn quite pale). Meanwhile, heat the milk and vanilla slowly but do not boil! Take the milk off the heat and pour slowly onto your egg yolk mix, whisking constantly.

Return this mixture to your pan and again heat slowly, whisking constantly. Be careful as it will suddenly start thickening after a couple of minutes. You are looking for the consistency of a good custard; not too thick but can coat the back of a spoon. Drain your gelatine and squeeze out any excess water and whisk into your hot mix, then set this custard aside to cool for about an hour at room temperature, covered with cling film to avoid a skin forming. After an hour, whisk your double cream until nice and thick, but be careful not to over whisk. Fold the cooled custard into the cream carefully until fully incorporated. Finally whisk your remaining egg whites into stiff peaks, then fold into the custard and cream mix. It should be smooth and creamy. If you over mix and it goes a bit runny don’t worry, it will still set just fine.

To use, pipe or pour into your desired mould and either set in the fridge if that’s how you wish to use it, or freeze for glazing. If you are going to be glazing your dessert, make sure it is frozen solid before applying your glaze.

If you wish to add fruit to your recipe, substitute the double cream for pureed fruit.

Your bavarois will a few hours to defrost in the fridge, and will remain stable for up to an hour outside the fridge.